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George Bush presented Jay Leno with a painting he did of him last night on The Tonight Show, which is certainly something. -NowThis Smearballs and Cyriak (names we all know and understand, moving…   Read Story »
Sunlight streams through your window and wakes you up, warmly, before your alarm has a chance to go off. You feel well rested and ready for a full, productive day. What's that -- do you smell coffee…   Read Story »
What you're looking at is the FIRST LOOK (though really it's the second look, because there was one unofficial look released a few months ago, but this is certainly the first official look) at Daniel…   Read Story »
The thing about Cyriak videos is that they're all so much like dreams, and so little like nightmares. I think that's what I like about them the most. This one, titled "Cobwebs," is being featured as…   Read Story »
Cyriak (previously of "Kitty City" and "Cycles") has put together a wonderful little holiday video that can be replayed and enjoyed time and time again all throughout the season. Send it to your…   Read Story »
From the creator of "Cycles," here is a short video about the city that we live in: Kitty City. It's a little weird here for sure, but it IS home! (Via BoingBoing.)   Read Story »
I could literally watch this all day. Hey, wait, why did it stop? I JUST said that I could literally watch this all day. Note to creator: needs more infinite loop. (Via DailyWhat.)   Read Story »