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I don't know what "adjust your cute levels for maximum cute" is supposed to mean, but who cares, ARE YOU SEEING THIS VIDEO? (Via DailyPicks.)   Read Story »
I was a little-- SHH! I was a little skepti-- SHH! I was a little skeptical about this cover at first, because some-- SHH! --sometimes things like this can be a little bit too on-purpose cute, if you…   Read Story »
Give me a break, baby. Come on. (Via SayOMG.)   Read Story »
Seriously, no offense to The Beatles or anything, but this kid's cover of "Don't Let Me Down" reaches into the depths of the material in a way that those guys simply couldn't. Not that The Beatles…   Read Story »
While filming his new movie, Animal Rescue, Tom Hardy met a young fan dressed in an adorable Bane costume. After signing autographs and posing for photos, Mr. Hardy pulled the young man aside for a…   Read Story »
Do you think that your parents aren't going to film you doing one of the cutest things you're ever going to do in your whole damn adorable life, even though it's going to make you intensely…   Read Story »
Some days you gotta get started with a video of a bunch of different babies tasting a bunch of different lemons. I don't make the rules! I do not make the rules. I just play by them, and I play by…   Read Story »
It was over a year ago that we were first introduced to our "Inspirational Bike Kid." He continues to be perfect and a bright, beaming source of inspiration, but sometimes -- especially in these hard…   Read Story »
There is nothing to add to perfection.   Read Story »
Flight of the Conchords‘ Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement talked to a bunch of VERY CUTE kids and, from the input, created a single to help support New Zealand's Cure Kids. All great. Very…   Read Story »