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We talk a lot about trampoline accidents here, because that is what this website is about, but do any of you ever think about those times that people are on trampolines and then they don't have an…   Read Story »
Hey, ladies. You look great! Your clothes always fit you so well, do you get them tailored? You do? Is that expensive? Not to pry. But it looks like it really makes a difference, and I was wondering…   Read Story »
Oh great, A CHALLENGE! The wonderful occasion when two videos that are kind of similar come into our lives at the same moment, giving us the chance to pit them against each other and choose a side…   Read Story »
It's not very often that anything is nice in this world (this world meaning first the Internet and then second the actual world) (doy). For example, I don't mean to harp on this, but I think I have…   Read Story »
OH THANK GOD. I hope at least some of you feel the immense relief that I feel once it comes time to count down the top ten animal videos every week. Finally, I can talk about all of the things that I…   Read Story »
I have a complicated relationship with Baby Tedster. I liked this video of him dancing to Michael Jackson. I LOVED the video of him fishing, and I quote it pretty much all the time. "Can you touch…   Read Story »
It's unfortunate for humans that dangerous animals like this adorable little bear cub are so adorable when they are babies. Because I just WANT THIS SO BAD. But I can never have it. Because it gets…   Read Story »
I want a dog so bad, guys. I can't have one because of where I live and because of how then I would have to take care of it, but I really want one. I want a dog so bad that when I saw this video I…   Read Story »