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It's almost the weekend, everybody! I hope you remembered what day it was and took your weekly dust bath this morning. Or maybe you're going to do it after work. Either way is fine as long as you…   Read Story »
I don't know, it's not like they're weird or anything? They're just, I mean -- listen, I'm not trying to put this dog on the spot about any of the noises he's making. It's just that they're all SO…   Read Story »
It's sometimes hard to have a real opinion about Barack Obama and whatever he does for a job when there are so many stupid reasons to just be in unconditional love with him forever. Remember when he…   Read Story »
Tell me about it, kitten! I hear you, man. But today is a new day! It is time to get proud of yourself and get to work. At this rate, you might never learn how to ride a bike or do anything. You are…   Read Story »
Oh no! There has been a terrible outbreak of horse herpes in Utah! Horse herpes! Ahhhhhh! Come on, horses. Wear a horse condom! Obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with the horses' genitals…   Read Story »
Next time, we may get a guest blogger who has HBO and can recap Game of Thrones for us. Until then, chinchillas in wine glasses. You win or die. Of CUTENESS! (Via TheDailyWhat)   Read Story »
Oh the kittenmanity! If you do plan on going out on the carpet this weekend, you guys, buckle up. It's the CLAW! (Get it? The claw? Like, "it's the law," but cats have claws? Do you or don't…   Read Story »
America faces many threats. We are currently engaged in two foreign wars, three if you include our incursion in Libya. Our economy struggles to recover from the devastating housing bubble burst of…   Read Story »
I like the twinkle in your eye, my young ninja. In fact, I have come to a decision. Riley, in 37 years’ time, you have my permission to date my daughter. I’m sure by that time you’ll have your…   Read Story »
Admittedly, your parrot is still pretty adorable, even if he is singing your favorite song. "Love my parrot, love that song," that is what you say. "I've got an entire Zune with nothing on it but…   Read Story »