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It's hard to love babies sometimes. Especially when there's one that lives in the apartment above yours that never EVER stops crying, to the point where you've considered both knocking on the door of…   Read Story »
I don't know about you, mainly because I am just typing on a screen and am not talking to an actual person, but I have a very hard time acting like I like gifts when the person who gave me the gift…   Read Story »
It's tough putting together the top ten animal videos every week. There are just so many options, like pretty much thirty million options, and they're almost ALL incredibly good. Dog eating something…   Read Story »
I can't even believe how much cooler this princess is than I am. First of all, she's a princess. (And not a pregnant princess if you know what I mean! #gossipgirl #blair) Second of all, she has a…   Read Story »
The Internet is a bottomless source of Star Wars. I can't even image what it's like to log onto the Internet as a Star Wars fan every day. It's probably like Christmas and your birthday combined and…   Read Story »
I am so torn about this video. On the one hand, even though that little boy featured in the video is very cute and tiny and as a woman maybe I should feel more inclined to take care of the situation…   Read Story »
I admit that this video is kind of cheating the animal video format, since the main focus is a baby human, but oh come on give me a break what do you care. This is a very good two-for-one: an…   Read Story »
The thing about learning an instrument is that you have to be ok with messing up. No one is going to be perfect right out of the gate, and instead of getting discouraged with your failings, Duckling,…   Read Story »
Lots of times when you get a person on camera they'll act a little differently than they would otherwise. It's easy to become more aware of yourself and how you're being perceived, and it's very easy…   Read Story »
It's like he WANTS me to feel like an idiot for liking him so much for doing such stupid and cute things. I don't know anything about his ongoing weak stance on marriage equality right now, all I…   Read Story »