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You: Aww, what's wrong? Your Significant Other: [crying] It's just. I just haven't really been feeling-- You: What sound does a cow make? Your Significant Other: [crying] What? You: Aww, what…   Read Story »
To give you a bit of background before we get to the clip (the clip is very good) (no one will judge you if you skip right to the clip -- we're not watching, first of all, and second of all it is a…   Read Story »
Can you imagine the built-in anecdote this baby is going to have for the rest of his life? Any time Billy Murray or a Billy Murray movie is brought up in conversation with new people he will be free…   Read Story »
Is anyone else tired to the point of tear-stained exhaustion? I know it can't just be me and this little girl. Between the election and the storm and Halloween, it's too much! Sometimes you just want…   Read Story »
These Wholphin guys had a hard time working up any tears for their crying contest, but we're not like that, right? We can cry whenever we want! I'd be willing to bet that there's never a situation,…   Read Story »
Update your records accordingly. [NOTE: Also applicable in files "Baby," "Crying Baby," "Baby Tricks," "Cute," as well as "Web, General." Thank you.] (Via BlameItOn.)   Read Story »
The following video of children crying about the ending of The Odd Life of Timothy Green contains genuine SPOILERS about the movie, so if you care about SPOILERS for the ending of The Odd Life of…   Read Story »
This video is annoying for two reasons. First, it's just another reminder that babies will cry about anything. Stupid old baby. IT'S A TEMPORARY TATOO, YOU BABY! That thing is going to come right off…   Read Story »
50 Shades of Grey is officially going to be a movie, I guess, and will be produced by the same team that did Social Network. Finally, they'll get the Oscar they deserve!…   Read Story »
Yo, for real though! Streets is dreaming. (Via Slacktory.)   Read Story »