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Wait. Hold on. This is an actual ABC NEWS report on the owner of the New England Patriots's accusation that Vladimir Putin, PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA, stole his Super Bowl ring. In fact, it is a FOLLOW UP…   Read Story »
There are few crimes more horrific or upsetting than PIZZA RELATED crimes. What is the world even coming to when our pizzas and their noble deliverers are not safe?! And yet, even though we must be…   Read Story »
I don't actually know how anything works, obviously, so I am sure there are probably some very solid theories out there about what is the best way to maintain a civil society, and that this includes…   Read Story »
She probably just committed the original crime in order to get herself exactly where she needed to be to commit the PERFECT crime. This is what is known in the crime biz as "pulling a Skyfall."…   Read Story »
GOTCHA! Hahaha. Oh man. You were like, "A police chase video that doesn't end in any surprises or anything? Thank goodness. I've had it up to you know where with surprises for today. This is going to…   Read Story »
As Sean Connery famously said in the movie Entrapment, "Let's dress up like Smurfs to cause our crimes that is the best way." Ever since, it has been an endless string of copycat criminals, trying to…   Read Story »
A lot of people will fantasize about committing the perfect crime. This has been an American tradition ever since Throw Mama From the Train invented it. "It's all about the motive, see, but that's…   Read Story »
Be careful out there, you guys! In this local news report from NBC5 in whatever city, the latest crime wave in which dudes at gas stations offer to sell iPads at greatly reduced but surprisingly not…   Read Story »
It's a good thing the "journalists" went around the neighborhood and asked people what Kool Aid brings to mind. That alone should earn them the Pulitzer, but if it doesn't, I'm sure the randomly…   Read Story »
Hey, we all love movies! We love going to movies, we love watching movies on our telephones, we love seeing movies we didn't even ever want to see if it's showing for free on an airplane because for…   Read Story »