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That is how we do it. (Via TheHighDefinite.)   Read Story »
Who let my dogs out? HI! HI HI HI HI! Whattup, young men who feel that it is more important to engage in things that you care passionately about than to worry about what other people think, and…   Read Story »
Congratulations to David Simon on winning a $500,000 MacArthur "Genius" Grant. Finally, the unpaid and unrewarding task of creating popular television pays off. (Just kidding, buddy! Just tearing…   Read Story »
As you may know, comedian Zach Galifianakis is in a new movie coming out called It's Kind of a Funny Story (in theaters October 8th). Based on the trailer, it looks like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's…   Read Story »
When I first moved to New York after college I spent a lot of time temping, and I temped pretty regularly for financial institutions. Once I spent three weeks working on this trading floor in a…   Read Story »
It's finally here, you guys. The sequel that no one ever thought would get made because no one ever thought Wall Street needed a sequel! "Greed is rad." Remember? Let's all see this movie this…   Read Story »
"There is really only so much good news that we can take in one day, but if you have any potable water that would be wonderful!" -- The Children of Darfur   Read Story »
There was a time in American history when parents who wanted a night to themselves would drive their children to a video rental store, where those children could browse through categorized rows of…   Read Story »
WHATUP BLOGZ?! Rad dudes and intelligent young women, trust this old dude when he says that he totes knows what you're going through. Meat Lovers P'Zone! It's hard to have self-confidence and to…   Read Story »
Between America's Stewardess, Steven Slater, with his "triumphant" (or not) exit from an airplane/lifelong career, and that girl with the wipe boards, which to be honest, I do not even know what that…   Read Story »