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Whatever you do out there, you guys, STAY ON YOUR GRIND. (Via TheHighDefinite.)   Read Story »
AMC and Matthew Weiner have finally reached an agreement, and Mad Men has been renewed for multiple seasons! Multiple seasons! Oh thank goodness, for a moment there I thought all of showbiz was about…   Read Story »
You get what you pay for in this life, so if you want to pay $1000 for a DVD (a DVD!) of a terrible movie, you will get everything that you deserve, I'm sure.   Read Story »
Hey, you guys! Videogum is HIRING! Kind of. I mean, we are, but, like, let's all settle down and keep things in perspective. Basically, we are looking for a (very) junior editor to come on board.…   Read Story »
Professional airplane-get-kicked-off-er, Kevin Smith, premiered his new movie Red State at the Sundance Film Festival this year, along with his novel method for distributing the film. Well, first he…   Read Story »
We live in difficult times. Between the current state of the global economy and decades of transitioning gender roles, it can be hard to know how to even go about pursuing your personal goals, much…   Read Story »
So many people played the numbers that the winnings only come out to $150 each, which if you think about it seems like just Hurley's luck.   Read Story »
In the flush of the holiday season, it was almost possible for a moment to forget that the world is an endless and inescapable nightmare. Would an endless and inescapable nightmare have so much EGG…   Read Story »
Towards the end of every year, in Hollywood, some Ari Gold (the brother of former Bartlett White House Chief of Staff Rahm Gold) named Franklin Leonard compiles his "Black List" based off the input…   Read Story »
In the above commercial for the Italian coffee market (via Vulture), American actress Julia Roberts was paid a reported 1.5 million dollars, and yet, as you will notice, she does not say a single…   Read Story »