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GET HIM! GET ALEC BALDWIN! Hahaha. Ugh. This fucking video. I thought it was called Occupy Wall Street, not Occupy The Dormitory Courtyard. This is some straight up college freshman bullshit.…   Read Story »
Within the first 30 seconds she references 9/11, talks about America being #1, and asks the cab driver if he knows "Jesu Christo," and then there are still 15 more minutes of serious problem solving…   Read Story »
Yesterday afternoon, Kanye West FINALLY took a trip down to the Occupy Wall Street protest. Haha, wait, what? I'm sure you could just feel the energy coursing through the crowds. "This is it, guys,"…   Read Story »
Remember four seconds ago when Netflix raised its prices and everyone's heads fell off as if somehow we had magically been transported to a world in which company's providing convenient services…   Read Story »
A couple months ago, Netflix changed its pricing structure. (WAKE UP! DON'T FALL ASLEEP YET, THE POST HAS JUST STARTED!) Instead of a flat-rate for all of its services, customers would now pay…   Read Story »
Derrt's ehr lerrt of mehrnay, or whatever.   Read Story »
Yuck. Corporations may be a lot of things, but one thing they are not is "people." What an asshole for saying that to actual human beings! During an economic crisis! Oh brother. Maybe, MAYBE, you…   Read Story »
Some dude in Denver bought the bubble boy ballon for $2,500 (what a bargain!) and is going to hang it up in his sporting goods store and then cut it into pieces and sell the pieces to clowns. End of…   Read Story »
James Franco took a break from his busy schedule of earning all the degrees to participate in an art project called the Museum of Non-Visible Art. Basically, all the "art" is invisible and is just…   Read Story »
This Lindsay Lohan tweet is a couple of days old, actually, and I have no idea why more people aren't talking about it because it's AMAZING: Hahahhaha. UHHHHHHHH. Powerful stuff. Good tweet.…   Read Story »