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Not that it's any of our business anyway, but what does $300 a month for "various phones and email accounts" even mean? Do celebrities have to pay for their email? Haha! Ya burnt, celebs!   Read Story »
The first GOOP of 2012 has arrived, and it is highlighting "the GOOP Cleanse." Oh brother. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that I am against ALL cleanses, not just the GOOP…   Read Story »
Over the weekend, the Republican candidates for President of the United States engaged in yet another televised debate, and apparently things are getting important now or something because I think…   Read Story »
As the Occupy Wall Street movement heads into its fourth month (!!!!) America continues to struggle with the problematic issue of Michael Moore's personal wealth. Just kidding. No one cares. Except…   Read Story »
There was an article in the Jew-run New York Times last week about the current congressional fight over a payroll tax cut that pointed out how, in a rare turn of events, democrats were…   Read Story »
To celebrate the one year anniversary of her appearance on HSN, Mariah Carey appeared on HSN. Circle of life.   Read Story »
While we still do not know WHO POOPED AND PEED ON THE BANK, I think one thing we can agree is that everyone in this "news" clip is a real TREAT. Especially the "reporter." Look, it is completely…   Read Story »
Yesterday afternoon, Michael Moore sent out an email blast to his subscribers. The subject line read "Life Among the 1% ...a letter from Michael Moore." Oh, OK! Good! He is going to fess up to the…   Read Story »
Are we winning? Are we losing? Are we losing the thread? Kind of feels like we're losing the thread, are we? Incidentally Ken Jennings won 3 million dollars on Jeopardy alone but has also appeared on…   Read Story »
Michael Moore appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight! last tonight to talk about Occupy Wall Street, which he has already said might be the subject of his next movie. Sure! It obviously fits in with his…   Read Story »