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At the opening of the Republican National Convention last night, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte turns the tide on the 2012 election with an EXPLOSIVE revelation: America, isn't it time we…   Read Story »
Wassssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuup! Yo young women who don't just reTumbl things but occasionally post original content and young dudes who aren't afraid to show enthusiasm for things as long as the…   Read Story »
Honestly, I'm not even sure who Octomom is. I've totally heard her name before, and I know she's the mother of a bunch of squids, but that's about it. Lucky me! I really dodged a bullet with her…   Read Story »
This seems like a great opportunity for beautiful young women to enjoy the traveling experiences of their dreams in a completely safe, respectful, legitimate, and FUN way. After Miss Travel has…   Read Story »
Even in the year 2012, women continue on average to make substantially less than men in the workplace for doing the same jobs, and unsurprisingly this is a global phenomenon. So, a group in Belgium…   Read Story »
There's a pretty powerful moment in Roman Polanski's Chinatown that summarizes not only the movie, but also the dark, complicated, and unknowable existence of the monied class. It happens right…   Read Story »
Look, it's hard to be consistent in this world. I know that. Life is so complicated that at a certain point you're bound to do or say something that kind of goes against what you usually seem to…   Read Story »
Sometimes you hear about celebrities going broke and you're like "how did that happen?" Not this time.   Read Story »
This baby knows what's up. Mac and cheese? Fuck you, pay me. This baby's first order of business upon receiving his million dollars is going to be to pay his mother to never say "hungies" again. His…   Read Story »
The New Yorker has a pretty interesting article this week about the history and future of YouTube. In summation, it talks about how millions of people all over the world watch incredible numbers of…   Read Story »