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If you've been following the Gerard Depardieu news, read a book. Guys! You don't have to follow everything. Life is about making choices. Anyway, after the election of France's new president,…   Read Story »
When I die bury me inside the Gucci store, yes, but when I'm born bury me wherever this is. Bad baby contest, you in first place! (Via Slacktory.)   Read Story »
A lot of people will fantasize about committing the perfect crime. This has been an American tradition ever since Throw Mama From the Train invented it. "It's all about the motive, see, but that's…   Read Story »
This week's Goop is a holiday gift guide that includes a 24k "horn of plenty" iPhone speaker (649 POUNDS, of course) and your own stationary "spin class" bike (add to cart to see price). Great ideas!…   Read Story »
I mostly just want to copy and paste this entire article from Architectural Digest (via TheAwl) about Brad Pitt's latest stint as a high end furniture designer, but instead, I will simply copy and…   Read Story »
I love when celebs get so deep into the public persona that they have created that they are forced to pretend like they are going to seduce and then raw-dog a 60-year-old snake perfume saleswoman…   Read Story »
Get that money, America.   Read Story »
Forbes released its list of the highest paid TV actors today, and Ashton Kutcher was #1 with an annual salary of $24 million. The Kutsch! Congrats, man! Hugh Laurie and Ray Romano were tied for…   Read Story »
At least SOMEONE has the courage to stand up to the President of the United States when he's asleep at the wheel. Once again, Lindsay Lohan tweets truth to power. I'm not sure what Mitt Romney's…   Read Story »
You've got to hand it to CNBC, they are nothing if not consistent. If you are a guest on that network, you are probably going to get asked some kind of question about your economic views. Even if you…   Read Story »