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There is obviously a lot to process in this video about the homeless hitchhiking surfer who may or may not have killed a man who thought he was Jesus with a hatchet after that man ran someone over…   Read Story »
Hey! Remember the Jew-hating Elmo from Central Park? Well the New York Times tracked him down and interviewed him because until the world is completely underwater, those Pulitzers are still up for…   Read Story »
Sometimes you hear about celebrities going broke and you're like "how did that happen?" Not this time.   Read Story »
I was at a party a couple of months ago (not bragging) at the home of a well-known New York new media mogul who has built a reputation for himself as a bit of a jerk. Very cool of me. Very cool of…   Read Story »
The 2012 election is already HEATING UP! Barack Obama has already announced that he WILL be running for re-election despite the fact that he is a FOREIGN CITIZEN! Meanwhile, something something Tim…   Read Story »
Oh no! Catherine Zeta-Jones is not feeling well! From FOX News: Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones checked herself into a mental hospital to treat Bipolar II Disorder, her rep tells People…   Read Story »
Sorry, Randy Quaid, but you cannot ask us to believe that you are being internationally persecuted by a secret league of celebrity assassins and then also GO ON STAGE AND TAUNT THOSE ASSASSINS WITH…   Read Story »
Everyone deserves to love and be loved or whatever, but that lady, whose stomach made that baby, knows that Gary Busey is completely coconuts, right? (And let us not even get into how difficult it…   Read Story »
Shit is falling from the sky. It's bubbling up from the lake. Everything is dying. People are getting REAL nervous about it. One day it is hot and the next day it is cold. It's hard to keep up.…   Read Story »
In all the excitement over the BLAHHHLIDAYZ, people almost forgot about Randy and Evi Quaid, Hollywood Refugees. NEVER FORGET! Just as a refresher: Randy and Evi Quaid are two drug-addled mentally…   Read Story »