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The new Doctor Who Doctor and the forever Craig Ferguson in a post-punk band together in the '80s?! Worlds that are fairly similar been had collided back then! Obviously we know what each of those…   Read Story »
Surprise, Joshua Sasse and Ian Somerhalder, your very serious selfie just got Neil Patrick Harris photombombed! -I'mWithKanye From last night's Fallon, a new installment of Downton Sixbey…   Read Story »
Craig Ferguson, whoever that is, is getting a robot sidekick for his show built by a guy from Mythbusters. And here I am, no robot sidekick whatsoever, looking like A FOOL.   Read Story »
Last night, TMZ reported that Jay Leno is already in talks to not only return to 11:30, but his show will be called The Tonight Show. Perfect. And this exists now, of course. Anyway, on last nights…   Read Story »
Craig Ferguson is famous for his clever, experimental cold opens, but last night's was the best one ever: Craig Ferguson presents his own "Oops, I Did It Again" lip dub. With surprises!: I can't…   Read Story »
Did you know that Hugh Laurie, star of House, M.D., is not actually American at all? He's from England, where he was a famous comedian! OF COURSE YOU KNOW THAT. Everyone knows that, but because talk…   Read Story »
Craig Ferguson has been taking liberties with the cold open of his show for months, using guest stars and yodeling monkeys and too many stunts to keep track of (And everyone knows CF is the smartest…   Read Story »
Jason Segel was on Craig Ferguson the other night promoting How I Met Your Mother (which returns Monday night), and after telling an embarrassing summer camp story, Jase took to the piano to play his…   Read Story »
I know I've been very hard on Russell Brand. I'm not mad at him, you see, just as a fan of comedians from the United Kingdom, I was disappointed by his introduction to the United States. But you…   Read Story »
Here's Joel on Craig Ferguson the other night, calling the Sex And The City movie "The Golden Girls Movie", and talking about his new movie with Matt Damon. And he's my boyfriend: Kristin Davis…   Read Story »