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Whoa. HARP TWINS! It's so weird when you never even knew you wanted something so bad until you discovered that it existed one day and it's like, turns out I was really into Harp Twins the whole time,…   Read Story »
There have always been Gwyneth Paltrow apologists out there who have made reasonable arguments about why she might not be the worst, but today those apologists are SILENCED.   Read Story »
Obviously, Insane Clown Posse is more than just hilariously ridiculous lyrics about magic magnets and pelicans eating cellphones, it's also the childlike inability to rap, and the adolescent…   Read Story »
I made a mistake, OK? I saw this posted on almost every website yesterday, and it was sent in to by dozens of thoughtful and well-intentioned people, but I ignored it. There was…   Read Story »
Asher Roth first started showing up on hip hop blogs about a year ago, and he always seemed like kind of a joke until you realized that serious people were working with him. Huh. So he is for real?…   Read Story »
And that is two nerds doing an acoustic cover of Soulja Boy. They call themselves Scared of Dinosaurs, and they have made a terrible mistake: It's funny, because a lot of those lyrics sound silly…   Read Story »
Oh my god. This is amazing, and even if it's a joke it's still hilarious: guy tries to cover NMH's "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea," and from the fourth word of the song, it's clear things aren't…   Read Story »