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You really have to ignore the content of the song's lyrics on this one because it will take a sharp and dangerous turn from the charming and cute to the uneasy and prosecutable. "Your honor, my…   Read Story »
There aren't any other parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song "Call Me Maybe" because there don't need to be any others. Everyone saw this one and put their cameraphones down. "Wrap party!" This is…   Read Story »
This is what I wake up to every morning. It is called GETTING PUMPED FOR A BRAND NEW DAY. You should try it! (You just tried it!) (How was it?) (Great, right?) (You're so pumped!) (Some might say you…   Read Story »
I think we're all done here (Earth). She's all yours, rubber engine aliens from Battle: LA!   Read Story »
Lauren, who sent this in as a tip, suggested that when Lexy and Stephany are a little bit older, someone in college will eventually find this video and that neither of them would ever "live it down."…   Read Story »
Una vez mas, indeed. (Thanks for the tip, Njoy.)   Read Story »
Some nerds are currently recreating the entirety of Home Alone on Twitter. As nerds will.   Read Story »
Vladimir Putin has definitely choked someone to death before, right? Like, that's just a given? (Thanks for the tip, Bluestockings and Mary.)   Read Story »