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Honestly, it's just like...either try or don't try, you know? If you're going to learn the song, learn the song. If you're not going to learn the song, don't waste our time with it. Man. Come on,…   Read Story »
You have to hand it to Rebecca Black, whatever she lacks in talent or self-awareness she certainly makes up for in blunt confidence that somehow America is going to forget that she was an…   Read Story »
Seriously, no offense to The Beatles or anything, but this kid's cover of "Don't Let Me Down" reaches into the depths of the material in a way that those guys simply couldn't. Not that The Beatles…   Read Story »
Man, when that beat drops? So good! (Via Uproxx.)   Read Story »
If you haven't read that New York Times Sunday Magazine article about Lindsay Lohan and Paul Schraeder yet, you really should. It's fascinating. On the one hand, it's one of the most relentlessly…   Read Story »
1. Yikes. 2. So, Chatroulette still exists. 3. Lotta dudes! 4. I do like when the people enthusiastically sing along right away because they are clearly Internet pros. 5. Gross though a little…   Read Story »
For better or for worse, every single thing that has happened in your life so far is the culmination of an inextricable thread of an infinite number of decisions all of them inexorably linked into an…   Read Story »
This: Plus this: Equals: everything.   Read Story »