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Matty B is a straight up child, so I am not even going to get into how I feel about his "work" because that is between me and my God, and everyone is allowed to do whatever it takes to find happiness…   Read Story »
This is so dope!!!! (Via David Cho.)   Read Story »
Who invited your dad to the sleepover? Just kidding. Hey, remember when Colin Powell lied to the United Nations to help pave the way for the United States's illegal and on-going war in Iraq?!…   Read Story »
Often on the Internet, when something is successful -- say, a video -- soon lots of other people will also do that video, or a video like that video, in the hopes that their video will also be…   Read Story »
So sorry to all of you guys in Rammstein cover bands out there, but I think it's pretty clearly time to throw in the towel. These guys did it. We can all go to bed now! Everything is how it should…   Read Story »
It was thought lost to the ages, but now it is found. You can spend so many years wandering through the dark and lonely desert of existence that you forget what you were looking for in the…   Read Story »