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Oh good grief. COME ONNNNNNNNNNN. This is a picture of Ricky Gervais dressed as Hitler (and also dressed as Winston Churchill) that he posted to Twitter for no particularly compelling reason. THE…   Read Story »
This is a picture of Jim Carrey in costume and on set for his upcoming movie Burt Wonderstone with Steve Carrell but also WHO CARES WHERE IT IS FROM. Why do you need to know so much about this photo?…   Read Story »
Why aren't you happy, dog? You have everything a dog could want. Christmas sweaters, santa hats, body lights, constant surveillance. What more can we do to make you enjoy this precious holiday?!…   Read Story »
The first images of Daniel Day Lewis in full costume and makeup for Steven Spielberg's Abraham Lincoln biopic have been released. So exciting. So GOTCHA!   Read Story »
"A lot of people get really fixated on their successes in life and don't realize that the failures are just as important. Y'know? It's actually by failing that you really start to learn things about…   Read Story »
I wish this reporter was my dad. At the very least, I wish this reporter was my reporter. He asks the tough questions, and he knows that a real journalist can't help but apply Heisenberg's…   Read Story »
What? Horse mask. Are you watching a different video than me? Because all I see is a totally standard horse mask no big deal not even sure why we're talking about it. (Via SayOMG.)   Read Story »
-- Wake Up. -- Find glasses. -- Unable to find glasses, lie in bed resolving to come up with a designated place to put glasses in the future. -- Unable to decide on a designated place to put…   Read Story »
For someone who generally thinks Halloween is a little bit silly and who in particular complained that this year's Halloween was over-long, I sure seem to like posting Halloween stuff forever! So sue…   Read Story »
I don't know about you, but I'm perfectly content that Halloween is over. It's fine. If anything, Halloween was extra long this year. A full Halloween weekend AND a Halloween Monday? Get out of Ghost…   Read Story »