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Just kidding! This doesn't exist. Don't even sweat it. You never saw this photo. It hasn't been burned into your brain forever, leaving you permanently broken and scarred. Not at all! What a…   Read Story »
Hey! Remember the Jew-hating Elmo from Central Park? Well the New York Times tracked him down and interviewed him because until the world is completely underwater, those Pulitzers are still up for…   Read Story »
There are a million stories in the city and this is one of them. Apparently, there was a mentally disturbed man wearing an Elmo costume in Central Park and spouting off anti-Semitic hate speech. (Oh,…   Read Story »
Sorry. I know I should have given you time to respond but I kind of felt like I already knew the answer. (Via CinemaBlend.)   Read Story »
You probably think that life is hard for most people but that it's not that hard for 15-year-old girls who want to dress up like Tinkerbell and go to Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. Well let me…   Read Story »
An 8-year-old in Colorado Springs dressed up as Martin Luther King Jr. for a school project, including painting his face, which I'm not even going to call blackface even though I know I called it…   Read Story »
What? It's Times Square, man! Even with all of the new car-free pedestrian walkways, you can hardly get through that place but for all of the tourists giant living Chuckie dolls. There are a million…   Read Story »
I'm certainly not complaining about it.   Read Story »
Move over cast of Downton Abbey, there's a new cast of actors we're used to seeing dressed up in period piece costumes wearing skinny jeans and tight t-shirts. A Lannister always wears his vests!   Read Story »
A brief reminder of the Videogum Mission Statement: when photos are posted of the cast of Downton Abbey wearing normal human clothes, we will be there.   Read Story »