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He got a whole BBC segment about it, too! Set to Madness! You must be so proud of him. (Via Geekologie.)   Read Story »
"It happens every night. I turn on my window unit air conditioner, put on my face mask, climb into bed, think of everything that I need to get done, replay some conversations that went poorly, worry…   Read Story »
What? They were at a party together.   Read Story »
It's probably kind of weird being a kid these days. It seems like they all have confidence and stuff? Everyone is a special snowflake and even the would-be bullies probably feel that attacking…   Read Story »
Never. How much is a page cost? Where do you turn the key? Is there a safety-harness? Now I am Interneting! These things are the best, and due to the frantic, rapid-paced-evolution of the…   Read Story »
Homework sucks! Yo, dawgs and girls who are as beautiful for their minds as they are for their bodies, if there's one thing that every kid knows, it's that being cool is totally crucial. Being cool…   Read Story »
As someone who spends most of every day struggling with self-doubt, social anxiety, crushing guilt, and feelings of inadequacy, I cannot tell you how jealous I am of this man's ability to just…   Read Story »