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"Please don't give me a standing ovation. I appreciate your support, your forgiveness, and the opportunity to return to my job, but the fact is that giving me a 10-minute standing ovation simply…   Read Story »
At the Chinese restaurant that my family and I would go to when I was growing up, the wooden chopsticks had instructions for use printed on the paper sleeve and those instructions were: 1. Break…   Read Story »
There's something about watching an entire video of an adorable little kid teaching you how to make vegan cupcakes when you have absolutely no intention of making them that doesn't feel EXACTLY…   Read Story »
Step 1: Make chili cheese nachos. Step 2: Consider some of the mistakes you have made, but not the mistakes that are too upsetting to consider. Step 3: Sit in bath for awhile. Step 4: Clean under…   Read Story »
This video is titled "Self-Aware Robot Roommates." That title is very misleading because this video doesn't say anything about this robot being a roommate at all. Which is a bummer, because I really…   Read Story »
This is a recipe for DISASTER! Get it? Recipes? (The joke is that cookbooks have recipes in them but then "recipe for disaster" is a common expression about disaster. And Gwyneth Paltrow is the…   Read Story »
(via BoingBoing) If this was an adult's on-line cooking show, we probably wouldn't get past "Yummy Yummy Citrus Boys." We'd just be making fun of that for hours. But making fun of children is like…   Read Story »
Gabe Delahaye of here and Max Silvestri of being an awesome comedian have a new video in their Gabe And Max series for Details. It's about cooking and drinking, and it's the funniest one so far in my…   Read Story »