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Uggggggggggghhhhhhh. This always happens! Some idiot strikes it big with YOUR IDEA (or, more specifically, an idea that you easily could have had) and makes a bunch of big bucks (or, more…   Read Story »
Please have a seat, pogs. Today we have something very serious to talk about. Wil' Wil' West. Today I want to rap at you about awful surprises. You're good kids. XBOX Kinect. You work hard in…   Read Story »
"YIKES" IS A COMMENT. "FAKE" IS A COMMENT. I SAID NO COMMENT! (Thanks for the tip, Ben.)   Read Story »
In the final publicity rush before Watchmen comes out on March 6th, word about the movie is being put on the street via these promotional blue condoms (via On the inside it…   Read Story »