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It's hard out here. We have things to do, lives to lead. I read an article one time and I'm not going to look it up right now but you can look it up use BING, but basically it said that when you have…   Read Story »
Kelly is out today at the taping of the Steve Wilkos show because she did a slightly worse job than my terrible job at randomly guessing who would win the Oscars. Which means it is just you and me.…   Read Story »
The first clip from the Ashton Kutcher-fronted Steve Jobs biopic jOBS (LOL) was released today and it mostly looks fine, actually? Also Josh Gad has, like, 0 idea about how much everybody's gonna…   Read Story »
You see that he is a baby, right? JUST PUT HIM IN THE CHAIR! (Via Buzzfeed.)   Read Story »
I'm not sure where and when we all went off course in how much we fear and don't understand and obsess about computer viruses. Is it when we stopped downloading stuff from Kazaa? Is it when we all…   Read Story »
It's so hard to exist in this world. People are always trying to talk to you and you have to think of something to say back to them, and you have to pick out clothes to wear EVERY SINGLE DAY, and…   Read Story »
Here is a video of a math teacher giving a presentation about Thanksgiving. You know, MATH? Thanksgiving math? Anyway, it's the best presentation ever given, even though I don't understand why it is…   Read Story »
Oh good. The studios (I just call them "the studios" because we all know what I mean: showbuzzz!) are hard at work on a sequel to last year's Tron: Legacy. Purrrrrfect. If there is one thing that I…   Read Story »
OK, Lawnmower Man, you win this one. This blog that is just screencaps of the computer screens in movies is genuinely great.   Read Story »
If he is smart, he will cast Bill Hader as Julian Assange.   Read Story »