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At least not any time soon! Maybe? Unless NBC decides to air it at some point, which they may.   Read Story »
Here is an interview with some of the writers of Bob's Burgers. It's very enjoyable! You should read it. And then you should also probably watch the Halloween episode on Sunday! Oh, perfect.…   Read Story »
Hey, we have a giveaway for you today! And it's a little weird, but mostly normal. ARE YOU ENTICED? Today you have the chance to win a copy of Community's third season on Blu-Ray (one of the finest…   Read Story »
Vulture has an interview with Breaking Bad’s Laura Fraser, AKA Lydia, AKA "Lady," and it is worth reading! Especially if you like Breaking Bad and have a few free minutes! -Vulture There's a…   Read Story »
Dan Harmon is in negotiations with FOX to do a multi-cam comedy thank goodness finally we can all go back to sleeping peacefully at night.   Read Story »
Something we've discussed many times in the past is that although we (some of us) and Tumblr love (or loved) the shows on NBC's Thursday night lineup, almost no one else even knows they exist and…   Read Story »
Marc Maron interviewed Dan Harmon on G4TV, Harmon's first interview since The Event That Changed Everything. Perhaps this will provide America with closure. (JK Never Forget 5/19.)   Read Story »
Here are a few photos of Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd on the set of the new David Wain movie, They Came Together. The pictures are mostly boring because they're just Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd standing…   Read Story »
Because it is raining, and when it's raining something something something, here is a tumblr that is devoted to mashing up Bridesmaids with Game of Thrones. Your (no one's) wish is the Internet's…   Read Story »