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Remember when Chevy Chase was under fire for using the n-word on the set of Community not too long ago? He was upset about how racist his character had gotten in the current season and is reported to…   Read Story »
Oh, boy. Another Girls episode, another week of wanting to throw my computer in the garbage. I don't even want to say anything about it. Do I even have to? Should we even be considering it a comedy?!…   Read Story »
This week's Bob's Burgers, "O.T. the Outside Toilet," was one of my favorite episodes of anything in a long time! ARE YOU GUYS WATCHING THIS SHOW? Each of the plot lines -- Bob having a suit that…   Read Story »
Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful opens this weekend, and good news, they are already working on a sequel! That was sarcastic but maybe we'll all like this one and then it WILL be good news.…   Read Story »
Before I start, let me say that I didn't get a chance to watch a lot of comedy this week. There wasn't even a lot of comedy ON this week (Community was our only Must See TV show, Bob's Burgers didn't…   Read Story »
This was a short week because we had a beautiful day off on Monday for Presidents' Day (remember?) (thank you, Presidents!), but we still have A LOT of things to remember with a bunch of little…   Read Story »
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING! One thing you could never accuse Parks and Recreation of is being a nasty show full of horrible monster people who treat each other like garbage, because it is the exact…   Read Story »
We didn't talk about when Marco Rubio took an awkward sip from his water bottle (#waterbottlegate) very much this week, but I'm SURE you saw all the fuss about it on your Tumblrs and your Twitters…   Read Story »
I know we've waited all week to talk about it, but I swear to god, if I read any more words on the internet about whether or not Hannah from Girls could have actually gotten with Patrick Wilson, or…   Read Story »
Grantland wrote about spending thirty-six hours on the road with Dan Harmon, while he traveled around for his Harmontown podcast tour, and it is worth reading! (Even though thirty-six hours with Dan…   Read Story »