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Too often we race through life, doing this and that, watching videos on the Internet, reading pieces of celebrities gossip, recapping television shows, without ever taken a moment to sit back and…   Read Story »
Goodbye, Community! We don't know if you'll be gone forever or just for now, but we do know that if you are gone forever, you ended on a note that wasn't particularly good after a season that was…   Read Story »
Game of Thrones engagement photo shoots are currently A THING, it seems. What is your GOT engagement photo shoot going to look like? My fiancee with be dressed like whatever, who cares & I'm…   Read Story »
Wow, what a good week in comedy! It's sad that our wonderful week of having episodes of TV shows that we liked a lot (I'm assuming we have the same opinion) (it's the easiest way 2 live) had to come…   Read Story »
Can you have a sweet and heartfelt ending to a sitcom relationship that was rarely given much focus, and never made a whole lot of sense when it was given focus? Uhhhh, I guess so! The way last…   Read Story »
Last night, Comedy Central aired the season finale of Nathan For You. It was just about three weeks ago when the whole world realized that Nathan For You was great, and now our brief romance is over.…   Read Story »
I did not watch Nathan For You's "Claw of Shame" episode last night. I was doing my taxes and it was very frustrating and I didn't even realize that 10:30PM had come and gone, and hadn't set my DVR…   Read Story »
We talk about our problems with The Mindy Project a good amount here, which is fair, it is a bad show, but something it's doing sort of right (or at least, sort of in a way that I'm enjoying it) is…   Read Story »
It is so rare that I actually have an GIF-related news to report in the GIFs post, if you can believe that, but today is different! HOLD ONTO YOUR GIF BELTS! This week Google updated their image…   Read Story »