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This is just a good bootleg DVD cover for the movie Drive. -FilmDrunk Apparently, according to gossip, Anna Wintour is hosting a "secret dinner" in order to convince Lena Dunham to be on the cover…   Read Story »
PBS’s Nature is airing a program tomorrow night called Saving Otter 501 about saving sea otter pups. ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEE? -Uproxx "There is no good reason for SNL not to cast a black female…   Read Story »
Public Marriage Proposals: X-Files ComicCon edition. -Vulture Brie Larson, Paget Brewster, Robert Patrick, Ben Folds and Kumail Nanjiani have been added to the list of guest stars that will appear…   Read Story »
Bruce Willis is hosting this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live, and you can watch his promos now. Remember when he was mean to that interviewer? What a weirdo! (PS: Also, remember when he was…   Read Story »
James Franco announced on Instagram this morning (WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH OUR LIVES?) that he will have a new show on Ovation TV premiering in November called James Franco Presents.…   Read Story »
Just a good statue of Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice. -FilmDrunk Ben Schwartz stopped by Paul F. Tompkins' Speakeasy to talk about the importance of taking breaks and Rejected Jokes and other…   Read Story »
Look at this life-sized soon-to-be-corpse-of-Dexter cake that was used to celebrate the premiere of the show’s final season. Very cool cake! Not gross or terrifying, just chill and…   Read Story »
Game of Thrones finale GIFs, you guuuuuyyyyyyssss! As I come from a place of ignorance, I was only able to grab a few that were specifically labeled as being from the season finale. Feel free to post…   Read Story »
From The Hollywood Reporter: "Following weeks of rumor and confirmation from Harmon, producers Sony Pictures Television confirm that Harmon will return as showrunner for the fifth season of…   Read Story »
It looks like Dan Harmon is going to be returning to Community for season five. Man oh man. First a new season of Arrested Development, and then another example of something like this happening…   Read Story »