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Are you guys watching Broad City? You should be watching Broad City! I hesitate to compare it to Girls, because although on the outside they are composed of similar parts, they are very different,…   Read Story »
How did Nick manage to have everyone show up early at the movie theater before Jess got there, when she left who knows how long before he even knew that she was gone? Does Nick have a time machine?!…   Read Story »
Saturday Night Live head writer Colin Jost will take over for Seth Meyers on "Weekend Update." Meet videos of him over at Splitsider! -Splitsider Sarah Silverman is visited by Jesus Christ to…   Read Story »
Kroll Show! Kroll Show! Kroll Shoooooooow! Kroll Show is back and genuinely better than ever! Since the first season, the show seems to have figured out the oddly sweet, weird tone it wants to hit,…   Read Story »
God, it feels good to have a terrible reason to not leave the house again. There is truly nothing like deciding not to do something because it is cold outside and "shows are on." At once incredibly…   Read Story »
A visit to the set of Muppets Most Wanted. -/Film Saturday Night Live, after recently adding Sasheer Zamata to the cast, has just added two African-American female…   Read Story »
Tough Justice with Michelle Dockery. -FunnyOrDie Are you looking to hire an actor for a movie? Well, do I have a list for you -- it's a list of the ones with the best value! Maybe Jennifer…   Read Story »
Dan Harmon's Community returned to NBC last night for its fifth season (fifth season!) (with Dan Harmon back!) (it is honestly insane how this has all played out, save for a few bumps, exactly to the…   Read Story »
Wahlburgers teaser trailer, you guys! -THR Also: Community season five trailer, you guys. -/Film Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim and Eric, and Reggie Watts are in an ugly sweater competition…   Read Story »
Home Alone retold by pug puppies. Welcome to on-line. -FilmDrunk The library of congress has reported that 75% of all silent films are lost forever, but maybe they're just not looking hard enough?…   Read Story »