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Red Dawn, of course, is the 1984 movie about a group of high schoolers (GO WOLVERINES!) who fight an invading Russian army to save America (the #1 country on Earth). It was directed by John Milius…   Read Story »
Vladimir Putin has definitely choked someone to death before, right? Like, that's just a given? (Thanks for the tip, Bluestockings and Mary.)   Read Story »
Glenn Beck went on an amazing rant last night about Communist symbolism in American architecture (the scourge!), you should really watch it (here). I can't do an effective criticism of all his…   Read Story »
I don't really understand the hype that surrounds actresses when they become "the new Bond girl" because I'm not 70 years old and I didn't grow up in a time where you were only allowed to see one…   Read Story »
It is, of course, a Videogum Promise that we will post anything involving Louis C.K., so I'm happy to present you with this outtake from a Louis C.K. sketch show pilot that was never picked up.…   Read Story »