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Just when some of us may have been worried that we wouldn't be able to watch our favorite show about clips from Internet videos, it's been announced that Shaq is going to have HIS OWN show about…   Read Story »
Man, there is nothing going on this week! "Summer is coming." That is what the Starks say about this week. Before chopping off the Internet's boring head. Naturally, when there isn't much going on,…   Read Story »
Look, nerds, we all love superheroes, OK? There are probably one or two of us who don't love superheroes, but based on the number of superhero movies they release each year and the amount of money…   Read Story »
Isaah Mustafa 4 Luke Cage is the new Donald Glover 4 Aquaman, but personally I am still most excited about the popular Joe Mande 4 Blade on-line movement.   Read Story »
"So, Lindsay Lohan's been in the news lately." That was a bit from my new topical stand-up comedy routine. Imagine me saying that but also with the sound of shuffling newspapers. LADIES AND GERMS.…   Read Story »
The soon to be former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will be the subject of a comic book about a superhero named The Governator. Cool. Cool guy. Cool governor. Cool character. Cool…   Read Story »
During 2010, the Year of Betty White, the public demand for a biographical comic book about the 400-year-old actress became impossible to ignore. "GIVE US A BIOGRAPHICAL COMIC BOOK ABOUT HER OR…   Read Story »
There's this movie that you probably haven't heard of because it has really flown under the radar, especially on this site, but I think it's going to make a great Movie Club selection. It's called…   Read Story »