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This is wonderful news. Chris Gethard talked with Splitsider about the show, and what the pilot might look like, so you should go over there and read it. And watch some episodes maybe? Hey, why not!   Read Story »
Did you guys watch Comedy Central's Roast of James Franco last night? It would make sense if you did, as James Franco is certainly within our interest-range, and many of our pals were on the dais:…   Read Story »
You can now watch the very first episode of Comedy Central's Kroll Show for free, on iTunes! What a treat! Leave work early and watch it at home, no one will mind!   Read Story »
As it turns out, mashups are much more fun when they're done in real life.   Read Story »
President Barack Obama was on The Daily Show last night, which is AT LEAST more appropriate than The View, and he was a dream. (I say that as an unbiased and undecided voter just kidding.) Here are…   Read Story »
If you have to read something, it might as well at least be ABOUT a television show that you like.   Read Story »
Comedy Central aired the roast of Roseanne Barr last night. I didn't watch it. TOOO BLUUUUE! Nah, not really. I'm sure it was pretty nasty though. I heard there were fart jokes, fat jokes, and ex…   Read Story »
Lena Dunham appeared on The Colbert Report last night to promote her HBO show that no one has ever heard of and I can't even remember the name of it, and the interview is delightful!   Read Story »
Last week, Stephen Colbert worried the entire blogosphere when he canceled the taping of two episodes of the Colbert Report, which was later revealed to be due to a family health problem. AND NOW…   Read Story »
Here's an EXCLUSIVE CLIP from the DVD release of John Mulaney's new Comedy Central standup special, New in Town. The special premieres tomorrow, January 28th, at 10PM and will be available on DVD…   Read Story »