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(This week, we're highlighting some of our favorite Videogum posts / video-related moments of 2008. So that's why things look different, and are old, this week. And Happy Almost New Year!)…   Read Story »
No, of course not, that's a very inside HIMYM joke about how we're supposed to wonder that every time a new female character is introduced. So this was the Christmas episode, and Ted's sister came to…   Read Story »
Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin on How I Met Your Mother, has announced that she's expecting her first child. Alyson Hannigan made the same announcement last month, so that means both of the female…   Read Story »
Last night's HIMYM had no notable guest stars, so it had nudity. After the guys learn a new move from one of Robin's dates ("Naked-Man"), where you wait for your date to leave the room and then be…   Read Story »
How many ways are there to say this show is going downhill? A show that initially seemed to want to be a cross between Friends and Cheers (or, well, Friends with drinking) has lately morphed into…   Read Story »
Hey, did you hear that Heidi and Spencer are going to guest-star as themselves on a January episode of How I Met Your Mother? I guess that's fine. Did you know that Alyson Hannigan, who plays Lily…   Read Story »
There were a lot of interventions on last night's How I Met Your Mother. There were interventions for alcohol abuse, the wearing of a funny hat, the performing of too many magic tricks, speaking with…   Read Story »
So, remember the episode about how everyone hated Staten Island? This one was like that, but with New Jersey. Ted and Stella have somehow been engaged for weeks without ever having a single…   Read Story »
On last week's premiere of The Office, Kelly Kapor hilariously talked about her "cleanse" -- one of those fasts where you consume only lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup in an…   Read Story »
How I Met Your Mother is back to being great again! Last night's episode, "The Night Of The Burger," had all the elements of a classic HIMYM episode -- the gang goes on a geeky New York adventure…   Read Story »