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This news story is weird. Nicolas Cage is so broke that he has to sell four different 10 million dollar mansions? But I guess he still gets to keep a few of his other 10 million dollar mansions? What…   Read Story »
On CNN right now. Or watch this video of Michael Jackson and Brett Ratner dancing to R. Kelly in a rented car.   Read Story »
Uh oh. Videogum is about to face some formidable competition in the battle to be the media outlet that most carries on the middle school That's Your Boyfriend/That's Your Girlfriend tradition.…   Read Story »
Today the world dies a little. Ashton Kutcher has defeated CNN in the race to one million Twitter followers*. Yuck. But let's think about what it actually means: not much. Twitter is a social…   Read Story »
As by now you probably know, Ashton Kutcher has challenged CNN to see who can be the first to get to 1,000,000 Twitter followers. Larry King is mad into it. His diaper budget has doubled in the past…   Read Story »
There are a few things about the show Best Week Ever that make it really enjoyable (the blog is also great! FART!): They've got great comedians like Paul F. Tompkins, Laurie Kilmartin, John…   Read Story »