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I'm not sure why Jon Stewart is ripping on it, it looks FUN andINFORMATIVE. Let's all start waking up at 5AM just to watch this great thing, how bout it?! 5AM? See you there! Definitely! 5AM! Good…   Read Story »
It has been two years since we heard from Saturday Night Live alumnus Victoria Jackson. If you will recall the last time she blipped up, it was to spout some neo-con whatever on Fox News (the clip…   Read Story »
Relax, you guys, Larry King is still alive! It is just his show that has died. Last night marked the final broadcast of Larry King Live on CNN, ending its 25 year run. That is a very long run! Did…   Read Story »
In order to introduce a story about a man suffering from "10 to 20 bloody bowel movements a day," CNN played a clip from Dumb and Dumber in which Jeff Daniels has explosive diarrhea into a toilet.…   Read Story »
The only question the Pulitzer Prize Committee is now facing is whether to keep awarding Anderson Cooper all of the Pulitzers every year for the rest of eternity, or just shut the whole thing down…   Read Story »
Late last week, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez was being interviewed on the radio about whatever one interviews a CNN anchor about. Funny things that happen in the makeup chair? Teleprompter idiosyncrasies?…   Read Story »
In a shocking (SHOCKING!) announcement last night, Larry King informed the world (THE WORLD!) that he would be leaving his long-running talk-show, Larry King Live, in the fall (THE FALL!). End of an…   Read Story »
This clip from Anderson Cooper Is Mr. 360 in which an optometrist buggggs the ffffff ooouuuut is a couple weeks old, but I never saw it before (no myopo) and it doesn't matter how old it is because…   Read Story »
After more than 50 years, the United States Postal Service, whatever that is, is canceling its popular "Letters to Santa" program after it was discovered that one of its Santas in Maryland was a…   Read Story »
Relax, Lou Dobbs, who is obviously reading this, and going into rampant speculation about what it might mean for his future: you are not getting your own Videogum column. Nice try, OLD MAN! But as…   Read Story »