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AT WORK? At work, in front of all of her coworkers, on television? You're going to tell her weird personal stuff and make her cry in her professional environment, in front of all of the people whose…   Read Story »
Ugh. If there is one thing I know for sure in this world it is that no one likes when secrets are kept from them. Why even tell me that you have something you can't tell me if YOU CAN'T TELL ME IT?…   Read Story »
Like a tropical storm, the feud that began between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer last week and gained momentum over the past few days has grown big enough to name: the predictably humble "Basic Cable…   Read Story »
Last week, after CNBC's Rick Santelli canceled his guest appearance on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart memorably went off on the entire network, using their own words to prove that they're ethically…   Read Story »
Ouch! Spurred by a last-minute cancellation by CNBC's Rick Santelli, last night Jon Stewart put together an anti-CNBC Op-ed, using their own footage to show that not only were CNBC's financial…   Read Story »
Charlie Gasparino, (um, whoever that is), said "fucking" on CNBC yesterday. Again I ask: are these happening more, or are we just seeing them more because of YouTube?: "Hello, YouTube!" indeed. If…   Read Story »