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What? You don't like art? What about music, do you like music? And puppet friendship? How about ambient wind noise, do you like that? You are impossible. (Via Amil Niazi.)   Read Story »
WOW, WHAT A LONG WEEK! Not bad, for sure. Lots of great things happened, like when our friend's puppy came over while we were watching the debate and make the whole thing a lot less upsetting, and…   Read Story »
I've never understood what it is about clowns that makes some people so afraid of them. Their delightful painted faces? Their humorously large shoes? The fact that they can pack many of themselves…   Read Story »
NSFW lyrics, you maggots, so headphones UP: This kid is so hard. Do not even front. Real hip hop. Bang your head. (Via FilmDrunk.)   Read Story »
James Franco will be taking part in some sort of performance art festival this month, naturally, and when you hear what he has lined up for his part of the event you will just be like, "Of course…   Read Story »
-- Wake Up. -- Find glasses. -- Unable to find glasses, lie in bed resolving to come up with a designated place to put glasses in the future. -- Unable to decide on a designated place to put…   Read Story »
We can't all be the best at everything. For example, some of us will only live to collect 50 - 100 clowns in our lifetimes. It's true! Some of us will collect a few more, some even a few less, but…   Read Story »
"When a relationship gets serious, that's when you really need to start worrying about the details. Eventually, of course, in order for a relationship to grow and endure, you need to get on the same…   Read Story »
Some days it feels like life is nothing more than two thin rods balanced on the shoulders of young women and we are crawling along those rods on our hands while a Russian clown grabs our legs and…   Read Story »
Uh, remember a billion years ago when Lindsay Lohan was suing E-Trade claiming that the reference to a "milkaholic" TALKING BABY named Lindsay in an advertisement was supposed to be making fun of…   Read Story »