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Admittedly, this isn't much of a contest these days. Our commenting system currently lacks its upvoting functionality (and also its downvoting functionality) and so there is no way to scientifically…   Read Story »
Elle Fanning models haute bakery toppings, like these eyeshadow sprinkles. Elle! That's dangerous for your eyes! -NYMag Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up on Letterman: amazing as always.…   Read Story »
Young Christopher Walken looks just like Scarlett Johansson, your argument is invalid. -BuzzFeed Kathy Griffin gave Anderson Cooper a 'special' kind of kiss on CNN NYE. A kiss to the south! Kathy,…   Read Story »
Jessica Simpson and Zach Braff were paired up to walk down the aisle at Donald Faison and CaCee Cobb's wedding last Saturday. The event was held at Zach's house! Awww. -EOnline Your Homeland…   Read Story »
Mark Ruffalo proves the age-old truism that it is extremely difficult to pull off the 'wrestling outfit' look. -BuzzFeedCeleb You will have to judge for yourself whether this is The Most…   Read Story »
Good morning! We're Al Pacino and Christopher Walken, you might know us from the movies. Over the years, we have delivered many powerful performances and created memorable characters through our…   Read Story »
It's the closest we're ever going to get to the universally shared dream of an episode of the Leonard Lopate Show being hosted by an actual Christopher Walken impersonator. Second best thing!   Read Story »
Every year, one billion (exactly one billion) dumb movies get made that are either remakes or reboots or in some other way derivative of a thing that has been done before. Everyone knows that. And so…   Read Story »
This week's nominee, Domino, is loosely based on the life of an actual human being named Domino Harvey (sure, very real name, yes), who was the daughter of an Oscar-nominated actor named Laurence…   Read Story »
As a rule, a children's movie cannot be the Worst Movie of All Time. Make no mistake, children's movies are categorically horrible, with very few exceptions, and those exceptions tend to be…   Read Story »