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It's the holidays. You know, I know it, Mario Lopez knows it. Courtney Stodden definitely knows it, wherever she is. One look outside my window to the beautiful Brooklyn wintertime scene -- 60…   Read Story »
There are only a few weeks left to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, but do not panic, there are stil plenty of great Christmas gifts available on Etsy, like an oil…   Read Story »
Guys, I'm not suggesting that we go so far as to live our lives without irony, I'm not an IDIOT, but there is something about throwing yourself into the holiday season and just soaking up as much of…   Read Story »
Here is a photo of David Hasselhoff dressed up as Santa Claus on a beach. According to the "article" about this photo, it was 30 degrees outside, but Hasselhoff was a total pro! Look at him grinning…   Read Story »
This week's Goop is a holiday gift guide that includes a 24k "horn of plenty" iPhone speaker (649 POUNDS, of course) and your own stationary "spin class" bike (add to cart to see price). Great ideas!…   Read Story »
What better way to come back from Thanksgiving than with a brand new Christmas jam from Krispy? Thanks, boys! The only thing I have on my list this year is MORE KRISPY KREME!   Read Story »
As we join our families for the upcoming holiday it's easy to slip into a sense of security -- away from your prankster roommates, taking a break from the Internet that consistently spoils your…   Read Story »
Gosh, I have so many questions. What products did they use to make John Travolta's human hair seem perfectly sculpted yet completely natural? How did they find a shirt to match his hair's exact shade…   Read Story »
I realize that it's 2012 now and that we all should be leaving 2011 in the memories gutter where it belongs, and believe me WE WILL, but I think we'd be remiss to leave 2011 without spending some…   Read Story »
Why aren't you happy, dog? You have everything a dog could want. Christmas sweaters, santa hats, body lights, constant surveillance. What more can we do to make you enjoy this precious holiday?!…   Read Story »