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While you watch this video and think, "Haven't we had enough of these?" just remember that the world didn't end last night so this is the one we are still stuck with, and also remember that we are…   Read Story »
It wouldn't be Christmas without...this? She really understands the spirit and the tone not just of this holiday but also of everything. Thank you, Courtney. Have a GREAT one this year! (Via…   Read Story »
It's December 20th. There is only one day left in the work week before we all leave for our Holiday work vacations, and possibly only one day left before our world meets its timely end -- the perfect…   Read Story »
Merry Christmas from the Kardashians! It is, of course (OF COURSE) an annual tradition for the entire Kardashian family to gather on some soundstage somewhere and have their portrait taken like…   Read Story »
Arnold was right, this Christmas party is VERY special! What a treat it must have been for the children to have bizarre celebrities and ancient champion bowlers scream an off-kilter Christmas carol…   Read Story »
How is anyone supposed to figure this garbage out? It's Christmas. If we're not going to be allowed to raise our number cards whenever we want now, regardless of what the song is instructing and…   Read Story »
Apparently, Bradley Cooper may or may not be losing his hair. You really never know these days. I also saw a headline this morning that Olivia Wilde's publicist says she is NOT getting engaged to…   Read Story »
Only during Christmastime, when magic is real and anything wonderful can happen if you truly just believe, could one of the Internet's least liked features -- the "mashup" -- create one of the…   Read Story »
Whoa, remember these old friends?! Our pals! Back for the holidays! Just to put things in perspective, during the last presidential election, some people thought it mattered who these dumb dumbs were…   Read Story »