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Hey, so, I haven't actually been able to finish Rare Exports, the movie we're all watching this week as a family for the Videogum Holiday Movie Club, because something -- I'm not pointing any fingers…   Read Story »
Nothing sways a young skeptic like a bunch of evidence that doesn't directly relate to the point that some dork is trying to prove, and the angelic voice of one of his buddies who has gained a bit of…   Read Story »
Remember when the Internet didn't exist? (Thanks for the tip, Nick!)   Read Story »
Yes, signing the songs so her deaf parents could also enjoy the kindergarten class's holiday concert is incredibly sweet, but, man, those FACES! Girl. Never stop making those between-song faces,…   Read Story »
1. Did you forget to get someone a gift? Uh-oh. Well. Huh. I mean, you're creative, right? What do you do, draw? Just draw them something. Maybe a picture of the both of you. Don't make it Christmas…   Read Story »
They should feature The United State Air Force Band, they should happen around Christmas time, they should be nice to listen to, they should only add joy and bother no one, and they should happen at…   Read Story »
IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER THAN THIS? I can't believe I've lived my whole life so far without, every year, looking forward to sports team holiday videos. What a dummy. I feel like a professional baller…   Read Story »
You just can't argue with something that is delightful. (Via LaughingSquid.)   Read Story »
The Kardashians usually make us wait until about halfway through the month of December before unveiling their annual Christmas card, but this year they've started the season a little early! Ahh, I…   Read Story »
The holidays are over, and yet they still seem to be the only thing anyone wants to talk about, probably because at this point there is almost nothing else to talk about and what else are you going…   Read Story »