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A question was sent into Pat Robertson's show this week about the proper pronoun to use when dealing with a transgendered person, and obviously, the evangelical talk show host with a long history of…   Read Story »
Kirk Cameron, the star of Left Behind: World At War, and the creative mind behind films like Fireproof and Monumental has a new movie out called Unstoppable, and all he wants to do is share the…   Read Story »
This is just a great way to start the day AND get ready for the beach. We all have to make sacrifices, men and women. (And also boys ranging from 8-15.) Are push ups sacrifices? Let's just say that…   Read Story »
Pat Robertson is the KING of making just about anything sound like a hate-filled tornado of bigoted venom. Everything that he is saying in this clip is actually pretty fair. I mean, if your religion…   Read Story »
OH THANK GOODNESS! It's been almost three whole months since Kirk Cameron weighed in on the State of the World, but the bitch is back! He's taking a break from his weird…   Read Story »
I don't really see what the big deal is? I mean, quite clearly, sending a young child into the ring with another young child to "tear his head off" is the purest way to express the teachings of Jesus…   Read Story »
At this point, it's pretty well understood that "global warming" was a misnaming of the scientifically proven fact of "global climate change." The problem has less to do with hot weather (although…   Read Story »
You can take your grilled cheese sandwiches and your wallpaper water stains and you can shove them where the nobody cares because this is how Jesus appears to true beliebers, in a cell phone photo…   Read Story »
Piers Morgan recently interviewed Kirk Cameron for some reason. I honestly have no idea. Like, we talk about Kirk Cameron on the Internet sometimes because he'll be in a movie about how God Loves…   Read Story »
Uh oh! Did you forget about ChatAboutJesus? That's OK. We all make mistakes. God forgives you. And this new ad reminds you. mardigras69: does god ever forgive u??? bestfriendz: forgive u 4…   Read Story »