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God damn it. I saw Dark Knight last night, and stayed up until three in the morning writing a review of it only to find out that Sexman had already posted his review, and they are word for word…   Read Story »
gabe: who would win in a fight, batman or iron man? lindsay: I'm not really sure what Batman would do to iron man. Clink his sword up against him? lindsay: Have a staring contest? gabe: i think that…   Read Story »
Quick, before the President of Entertainment starts flicking the lights on and off and putting the internet in detention. In the future, we will have sentient robots intent on our destruction but…   Read Story »
In all the excitement over The Dark Knight have you thought "I wish they would make a dry parody of a 20/20 style profile piece on Bruce Wayne that was neither funny, interesting, nor insightful, and…   Read Story »
There's a new teaser clip from Dark Knight going around via WhySoSerious that gives you an exciting (not exciting) glimpse of the back of Harvey Dent-turned-Two Face's head. The crowds for Dark…   Read Story »
If you live in New York, then you're under the tyrannical thumb of Time Warner or DirectTV for your programming options. But other parts of the country are served by Comcast, who are currently…   Read Story »
Comcast put up a new Dark Knight video today (watch it here, via io9) that features some behind-the-scenes footage interspliced with mostly previously seen trailers, but there are a few new clips in…   Read Story »
I'm all for drinking milk (wait, what? I don't care about milk) but this is ridiculous. "Others Reload, Batman Refuels"? What does that even mean? And why are we still advertising milk? Are there…   Read Story »
New Dark Knight poster, guys: (via comingsoon) This movie looks really good, I'm surprised no one's ever heard of it. And to think, just a few months ago it was a couple of guys in their basement…   Read Story »
We've all seen the exciting Dark Knight trailers when we went to the theater for Spiderwick Chronicles opening weekend, but here's the first TV spot: Nothing too much new here, but it's nice to…   Read Story »