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This is everywhere today, but Ain't It Cool News's Harry Knowles wrote a long defense of Christian Bale that is worth diving into for bits of hilarity such as this masterful sentence: "I know this…   Read Story »
To Shane Hurlbut, and to my fans, I'm so fucking sorry that I lost control on the fucking set of Terminator Salvation. It was so fucking inappropriate. I could try and make some kind of excuse,…   Read Story »
Of course. We're just surprised it took a whole 12 hours.   Read Story »
TMZ has audio of an outrageous fit that Christian Bale threw on the set of Terminator Salvation. It kind of makes that whole shoving his mom thing a lot less funny.   Read Story »
The UK's The Sun is reporting that Eddie Murphy will be playing the Riddler in the next Batman movie. Sure, UK's The Sun. Pink Is the New Blog points out that this startling casting decision isn't…   Read Story »
Japanese Terminator: Salvation trailer, you guys: Time travel is insane. Like, once the first Terminator was sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor, if he were to succeed, then he would by the…   Read Story »
I'm looking forward to Terminator: Salvation. For one, I like Apocalyptic nightmares. For two, they cast Christian Bale as John Connor, thereby embracing the first rule of the modern action movie…   Read Story »
The internet has finally produced the most comprehensive side-by-side comparison of Christian Bale and Kermit The Frog, proving once and for all that while there is such a thing as having too much…   Read Story »
Now that it's been more than a month since the release of The Dark Knight and we can step back and finally have some perspective on the phenomenon of the second highest grossing movie of all time,…   Read Story »
The classic opening scene of American Psycho, starring a toddler as Patrick Bateman. "I use a no-tears shampoo, followed by a toothpaste with little or no flouride..." The original scene is here,…   Read Story »