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At the end of Christian Bale's acceptance speech for Best Crack Face at last night's Golden Globes, he started to say something about Robert DeNiro but his mic was cut off. Here is what he said.…   Read Story »
WHO'S GONNA TRAIN ME?! Did you know that The Fighter, based on the novel Mickey Ward by Precious, is David O'Russell's first movie in six years? Whoops. I mean, come on, that guy is so good at making…   Read Story »
This looks great! Admittedly, if you turn the trailer into a drinking game where you have to drink every time someone says "he's my brother" or "he taught me everything I know," you would already be…   Read Story »
This is a picture of Christian Bale on the set of his new movie, The Fighter (via JustJared). YOINKS. As you can see, he's lost a lot of weight like that other time he lost a lot of weight, but this…   Read Story »
Back in the mid-90s, when I was just entering my late 40s (right after my first divorce), my dad picked me up from a movie theater in Chicago where I had just seen a Saturday matinee with a friend.…   Read Story »
The thing about a Videogum Promise is that it trumps everything. It is that powerful. Our e-word is our iBond. So, yeah, Christian Bale rant-spoof videos are lame and already feel more tired than…   Read Story »
Christian Bale has apologized for his on-set melt down by calling into the "Kevin and Bean Show" on KROQ. There's no better way to say your sorry than in-between Hollywood Harry's Gossip Round-Up and…   Read Story »
We're just about finished here. The Christian Bale story has been squeezed dry. It's time to stop making mashups and start taking care of your children. Battle lines have been drawn between those who…   Read Story »
Christian Bale picked a wet towel up off the bathroom floor and hung it on the hook. He muttered something under his breath. Toby was always leaving his wet towels on the bathroom floor. Dirty dishes…   Read Story »
Wait! Don't look away just because the title suggests some sort of remix, mashup, or re-enactment of Christian Bale's freakout. I know we're all about to die of Christian Bale Mashup Fatigue. Last…   Read Story »