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No. Can you imagine being invited to a fancy Oscar party like that?! The two people that I would boycott Vanity Fair's Oscar party for, if I'm to be completely honest, are my mom and my dad. If…   Read Story »
THE WORLD IS CHANGED, I CAN FEEL IT IN THE WATER. This is the second post in less than a month defending Gwyneth Paltrow against her detractors, despite the fact that I myself, and Videogum in…   Read Story »
How are everyone's resolutions going so far? Great, I'm sure. My personal goals to start smoking and gain 500 pounds are going to be tough, but I think this is finally the year that they are going to…   Read Story »
The Creaky Boards have a new and presumably unwanted ally in their fight against Coldplay for allegedly but probably-not stealing one of their songs. "Papa Bear" Bill O'Reilly lashed out at Chris…   Read Story »