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Here's a special Breaking Bad valentine & candy treat just for YOU! "It may be blue, but it's the bomb." -BreakingBadAMC Val Kilmer Valentines win the 2013 valentine contest, IMO.…   Read Story »
[Ed Note: Rather than focus only on the Thursday night comedy block, we're going to open up the conversation (and the GIFversation) to all of the wonderful comedies you guys are watching throughout…   Read Story »
Scarlett Johansson is representing the '90s in W Magazine's 40th anniversary issue, with Keira Knightley representing to '00s, Mia Wasikowska the '80s, and Rooney Mara the '70s. It's fun to see…   Read Story »
Chris Gethard's newly adoptive network, IFC, have put up a bilboard with his body on it in Times Square. In this video, Chris stands near his billboard and waits to be recognized. It is a very good…   Read Story »
IFC launched a new program today (or something, what even can you call this?) where they adopt a needy comedian for a year to make comedy for them (child slavery?), and their inaugural comedy baby is…   Read Story »
A bunch of new photos from the set of the new Arrested Development were released. I hope so many photos are released throughout the process that we can all make a big flip book of all the photos and…   Read Story »
Chris Gethard is traveling from LA to Tennessee with no money, phone, or car (but camera crew, check). The whole thing makes me very uncomfortable. But here's the first video from his trip. Help him…   Read Story »
Paul Brittain is leaving Saturday Night Live! This week! FOR GOOD! Oh no! Are we ever going to see him again?! Do you think?! -EW Good news, horse fans! The HBO series Luck, which had its…   Read Story »
I'm sure that this video is simply interesting to Videogum readers from an anthropological standpoint ONLY and in absolutely no way does it strike any nerves or appeal to a lot of people's ideas of…   Read Story »
Last week, we announced that commenter Just Dessérts won our "Chris Gethard personalize call-out and signed copy of A Bad Idea I’m About To Do" giveaway. It was very exciting, and everyone was…   Read Story »