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It's a gentle balance children hold between adorable and annoying, and I think these guys mostly hold it well. At least most of the time. Keep yelling that song, children! You're wonderful! (Via…   Read Story »
Children are the world's most beautiful liars.   Read Story »
Your honor, while the prosecution recognizes that the defense was doing nothing more dangerous or harmful than simply looking at their computer screen in a brief moment of downtime at their otherwise…   Read Story »
Kameron Slade, the child in this video, is a fifth-grader from Queens, NY, who won a class speech competition with the speech on marriage equality that you're about to enjoy. It's great. Can't wait…   Read Story »
When life gives you boogers, make cereal filled with boogers. And then say "I have boogers." It's not like you're going to get away with lying about it. We all know you have boogers, just be honest.…   Read Story »
You may have already heard the great news, but here's the press release: TONKA, the Hasbro brand that for 65 years has stood for its line of toy trucks for children, will bring its TONKA toughness…   Read Story »
Noah, go easy on the Barq's! A lot of times you will hear adults talk about childhood moments like this as some kind of completely lost and inaccessible form of incredible pleasure untarnished by,…   Read Story »
I'm sure she's fine! Listen, I'm sure she's fine. Kids bounce back. Touch the stove once and then you never touch the stove again. You know? You know what they say. Smoke the whole pack of cigarettes…   Read Story »
We've got a whole week ahead of us, guys, so don't forget to check yourself! Draw it, write it, let it out. "Hey, what's this?" "It's a work of fucking art." The more you know. Doo-doo-dah-dooooooo.…   Read Story »
Hey, it turns out the kid from Small Wonder isn't doing so well. It's a sad story, really. Oh well! Want to read it? You creep? From the New York Post: A former child actor, who enjoyed fleeting…   Read Story »