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What's your favorite thing that baby Don Draper does? Is it when he psychologically abuses and/or cruelly ignores his long-suffering wife? Is it when he lies about his identity to his own family? Is…   Read Story »
Doug Hutchison, the 52-year-old man who married self-proclaimed teenager, Courtney Stodden, has FINALLY broken his LEGENDARY silence on the proper usage of the term "child molester." OH THANK…   Read Story »
Oh, hello. Welcome to Mixed Emotions Town! On the one hand, I am so excited and touched to learn about TJ Elevator Fan. He seems like a pretty nice dude, and he loves elevators so much, and he has a…   Read Story »
One of the worst parts about injustice is how it makes you feel invisible. The hope/desire for something to be done about it is often less about punishment and more simply about recognition. Doesn't…   Read Story »
Ugh. Kids. So dumb. No duh. NEWS AT ELEVEN! Hahahah. BREAKING. Here is the real news story, though: How is it even possible that kids are still daring each other to do things for a dollar anymore…   Read Story »
This video shows us nothing we do not know. No duh, ice cream is delicious. Everyone already knows that! It doesn't even make me wish I could go back to the first time I tasted ice cream and…   Read Story »
Scenario 1: The children don't know what Breaking Bad is, but you, their parents, think it would be hilarious to dress them up as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman for Halloween. While it's not…   Read Story »
UPDATE: apparently this story is "fake." Well, you know what, you got me again, Internet! Oh, man, come ON! Someone stole a bunch of DVDs, which already, dude, those aren't your DVDs. If you want…   Read Story »
The following video of children crying about the ending of The Odd Life of Timothy Green contains genuine SPOILERS about the movie, so if you care about SPOILERS for the ending of The Odd Life of…   Read Story »
If you walk in on your parents having sex, just go downstairs and shove some pasta in your face. Don't ask any questions. Whatever you do, do NOT have a conversation with the people raising you. They…   Read Story »